Rio de Janeiro, 2018

I Visited Rio last year to shoot for the art book that I am making and a magazine collaboration Which I wasn’t able to finish. Shoot consisted in 12 different sets. A series of various areas and groups of people trough different parts of the “City of god” however I had to wrap my shoot up at set number 5.

I was shooting at a beach called “Praia Do Secreto” beautiful place for its huge rocks and wild looks but also very dangerous, Specially during the winter time when the ocean is Rough. During my shoot I slipped trough the rocks and felt on the exact spot where a wile later as I was able to come out of the water I learned that several people had died between the rocks and the ocean.

It was by far the most intense experience I’ve gone trough and I didn’t think I would make it out alive, However I did, and It felt like much more than that. I don’t know if i was high from all the salt water I swallowed or from hitting between rocks and waves but It truly felt as if I was being reborn, like the ocean and Mother Nature decided to let me out. It was really something life changing for me.

All of my equipment was lost but oddly enough SD cards are very hard to be damaged by water so I was able to recover the photographs. Truly Stoked to Share with you this shot Below, it was the last Click i snapped before i slipped into the Ocean.


Below a Series of Outtakes of My shoot of Rio, 2018

I have to Keep the best shots for My project but i know my tribe and you will enjoy this first View.